If You Want To Change The Way You Sell, Grow & Deliver… You Need To Transform The Way You Think

Accounting and Advisory sales is a unique mix of Art and Science.

You are dealing with an emotive subject (money), a complex and intelligent customer (the client), a long delivery period (1+ financial year)…and a Salesperson who hates to be seen as a Salesperson (the Accountant or Advisor).

That’s why we don’t focus on simple ‘Sales Skills’. We transform the way Accountants and Client Managers listen, question, behave and think.

More training, seminars, webinars, workshops, eLearns and lunch & learns is NOT the answer.

If you want results you’ve never had before, you’ll need to do things you’ve never done before.

That’s why the CONQUER Group delivers a truly unique approach, and why our clients see a 2x, 5x or even 10x return on investment within a few weeks of working with us.

Outcomes We Deliver

For Team Members

  • Increase in conversation rate from compliance to advisory.
  • Develop ‘Loyalty Beyond Reason’ for their Accounting firm during times of change.
  • No longer struggle with the issue of ‘not enough time’.
  • More time to spend on Client delivery and less ineffective ‘busyness’.
  • Significant positive shifts in mindset, confidence and success habits.
  • Maximise the power of tools such as The Gap & Xero.
  • Improved communication skills.
  • Increased resilience and retention
  • Increase in confidence and career development.
  • Faster promotion to leadership roles.

For Practice Leadership

  • Increase client revenue.
  • Confidence in Client Manager team.
  • Time freedom – don’t need to get your hands dirty in sales or team training.
  • Mindset freedom – My team have ‘got this’.
  • Maximise return on investment of The Gap membership.
  • No longer hear “I don’t have time” or “I need you to solve this problem” from your team.
  • Increased team engagement.
  • Decreased absence and turnover.
  • Slash ‘traditional’ marketing spend.
  • Lower sales costs.
  • Increase of client referrals.

For Clients

  • A competitive advantage in their market (you).
  • Increased cash flow and profit while decreasing tax.
  • A new ally, challenger and trusted advisor.
  • The prestige of working with a unique and impressive advisory firm.
  • A feeling of belonging, that they have finally found a firm that ‘gets it’.
  • Time, Freedom and Revenue they didn’t have before.
  • The confidence, pride and gratitude of knowing they are working with a group of world-class business advisors.

Ready for a competitive advantage?

We give your teams the confidence, structure, and accountability to generate more revenue, deliver more work and love what they do

We can do this, because we deliver knowledge, mindset and habits in a totally unique way. We focus on:

The Art & Science of Communication

Redefine how Accountants view sales, money and themselves. We introduce the cutting edge concept of ‘Framing’, Empathy and psychonetics, which leads to behavioural change.

Rather than the client being the ‘prize’, the Client Manager is seen as the ‘problem solver’ who is in control of the conversation.

Leveraging Psychology for Sales Success

Transforming the way Client Managers and their clients perceive value. We reverse-engineer the sales process so we focus on outcomes, not features or even benefits.

Then instead of using outdated ‘objection handling’ methods we instil a unique framework so the client sells themselves.

The Accountant, The Leader

A step-by-step walkthrough of leading client meetings through to successful outcomes. This includes active listening and dynamic questioning, body language, tonality and saying ‘No’.

Traditional sales training pushes for a ‘Yes’. Our approach builds the Client Manager’s confidence so they start with ‘No’, and then allows the client to convince them they should work together.

Winning The Sales Game

Deconstructing a client’s business to give them want they ‘want’ but sell them what they ‘need’. This includes a deep-dive into front-loading client value and identifying onsell and upsell opportunities.

This allows Accountants to create offers that are so irresistible a client would feel stupid if they said “no”.

Generating Clients on Demand

Accounting firms are sitting on a treasure-trove of revenue in their client database, and they don’t even realise. We can show Accountants how to navigate this process because we know where the goldmines (and the landmines) are buried.

This is guaranteed to generate Advisory revenue without costing a cent in advertising or marketing.

Making it Count

We solve the talent shortage, the ‘not enough capacity’ and the ‘too busy’ problems facing Accounting Firms through a revolutionary technique known as ‘Time Folding’.

This isn’t about time management, it’s about time leadership. It means you can deliver more client revenue without overfishing a shallow talent pool.

What Do We Deliver

Client Growth Breakthrough

Generate an immediate revenue & profit uplift by showing how to increase advisory revenue, reduce write-offs and deliver additional billable work without more resources.

  • Deep-dive, intense workshop to give your Client Managers the ‘cheat code’ to delivering Client Revenue on Demand.
  • Focus on mindset, behaviours and implementation skills to drive adoption and full use of

Client Growth Confidence (Foundation)

A 6-week masterclass programme tailored for all client-facing team members.

Client Growth Confidence gives Accountants and Client Manages the knowledge, mindset and habits to generate client advisory revenue ‘on demand’, increase their capacity to deliver the work and maximise their time and expertise

Client Growth Confidence (Growth)

The Advanced Client Growth Confidence programme is a 90 day money game.

It’s about raising the standards at which your team members believe they can sell, operate and deliver.

Outstanding results are achieved through being part of a high performing, highly committed group of Accountants, who are held accountable and supported by world-class learning to get the work done.

Client Revenue on Demand

Transform your entire team into an accountable, confident, highly-capable machine that can autonomously identify, sell and deliver advisory work to clients

  • The most advanced Accounting sales and communications masterclass in the world.
  • True transformation to an autonomous, revenue generating machine.
  • Immersive, tangible and continuous self-learning using real client experiences.

Ready for more confidence & structure?

Gain a Competitive Advantage

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