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The Conquer Group delivers unparalleled expertise for accountants and advisors to deliver increased profit and performance through:
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We Deliver Very Simple Outcomes

Your teams generate more revenue every single month, plus they create the capacity to actually deliver the work for your clients.

How do we do this?

Rather than focusing on outdated, ‘copy & paste’, inadequate ‘sales and performance’ techniques, we give your teams the Knowledge, Mindset and Habits to generate client revenue ‘on demand’.

Nobody else on the planet can do what we do. That’s why we do it for the best in the business.

The World’s Foremost Sales, Mindset & Capacity Expertise

“I’m An Accountant, Not a Salesperson!”

Professional services firms already have most of the ingredients for success:

So why are they

Many accounting firms say ‘staff training’ or is the answer. Then they waste tens of thousands of dollars on the ‘big brand’ learning and platforms and see little to no long-term uplift in sales or conversions of compliant into advisory work.


Because you can ask an Accountant to wear a t-shirt saying ‘Salesperson’…but they will still think like an Accountant’

How do we fix this?

We don’t just transform how Client Managers and Accountant sell. We need to transform the way they think.

Exceptional Results for You, Your Team and Your Clients

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